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Tink said…
It's the Eastery Bunny!


Hope yours was Hoppy ~*~
Tommy D_____ said…
Hi Paul, here's a little something for the Shed. And I hope it fits the puzzle.

You're Good Friend,
Tommy D_____

PS; Keep up the good work and maybe I'll drop in and scratch your back, where it itches. What I mean to say is, "I'm not into circlejerks but I may drop in with a kind, encouraging word." Capeesh?
boogaloo dude said…
it's you it's you!!
boogaloo dude said…
sorry, it's colm meaney. my mistake.
Anonymous said…
man on the moon
Tommy D_____ said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tommy D_____ said…
Hi Paul, I’ve been down in the dumps lately, but I feel a resurrection coming on and I’m thinking that perhaps it’s time once again to reflect. I’m thinking about trying my hand at a little poetry, but not poetry as we know it. I’m thinking, perhaps it’s time once again to tackle myths and play with politics, and slapstick, and death, and mysterious facts and God knows what have you. Know what I’m saying?

I’m thinking, perhaps it’s time to get down with the odd old rhyme, or for the lack of it, the luck of the rhythm. There is no better way that I'm aware of, to bash a thought or an idea into someone's head. People talk, and some of them stutter, but nobody stutters when they sing this song: Day-o! Day-o! Daylight comes and we want to go home. Day! We say day! We say day! We say day-ay-ay-o! Daylight comes and we want to go home. We work all night and we drink the rum, daylight comes and we want to go home. We stack bananas till the morning comes, daylight comes and we want to go home. Come Mr. Tally-Man, tally these bananas, daylight comes and we want to go home. It's six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch! Daylight comes and we want to go home. Day! We say day-ay-ay-o! Daylight comes and we want to go home. A beautiful bunch of ripe bananas, hide the deadly black tarantulas, daylight comes and we want to go home.

Democracy and Iraq, Obama, Hillary and Jack

Let’s (w)rap this up a bit: If what the world is observing during this democratic race between Hillary and Barack Obama is any indication of what the USA is trying to “sell” in Iraq – you know – the conversation might go something like this: “What y’all need over here in Iraq is democracy,” the high honcho from New York began, “you know what I’m saying Jack? A new way to govern! A new way to manage and distribute the wealth of your nation. Y’all got television sets here in Iraq, right? I’m not saying flat screens, or plasmas, or anything like that Jack, just good old tubes, before remotes were invented, will do the trick, nicely. No guns, no bombs, just tubes, Jack, and here’s the beauty part, all you really need is one channel. But that’s the first thing you’re going to need, Jack. A channel in every home. What I’m getting at here Jack, is communications. Electronic communications, Jack. Y’all got that? Cause that’s the first thing your going to need in order to establish a democracy. You don’t find no democracy in the jungle, Jack, it has to be established! Now, before we go into any serious details about the democratic process, or game, as some people like to call it, do you have any serious questions, Jack?”

“Nope. No serious questions, just carry on...well actually, come to think of it, I was just wondering. Other than taxes and lotteries, how do you get more money from the people that are governed by democracy? I mean if you can’t simply take their money whenever you want or need to do something that takes money to accomplish, if you can’t just straight-arm them or stumble upon them in the night, or probe their craniums until they howl, how do you get their money?”

“We’ll come to that later Jack, but first things first. Democracy can get a bit complicated. There is plenty of territory that needs to be covered, and I have room for that, but I think a little bit of chronology is in order, so let’s start form the beginning, shall we? But before we get into that, I want you to think about what I’m about to say, Jack, and try not to get overly excited.”

Your Good Friend,
Tommy D_____
Professor of Smozology

(to be continued…perhaps)
ahvarahn said…
Tommy D_____, me ole F&B*. I have been there and back myself recently, to and fro, to Dumps Population Large Number. It’s one of those places that seems, at least up front, like you have gone lonely with the tumbleweeds, but on closer inspection, not that you have much time for that when you are there, a shocking lot of people are with you just hanging about, all wondering why. So many, in fact, I didn’t even see you when I was there, thinking I was mayor of the fucking place or something, immersed in my own mire as I was. Let me know if you are going back soon, and I’ll talk you out of it, or we could share the ride and the fare, and you could tell me more from the Honcho and Jack, and perhaps the prayer tax, and Gomer and Andy’s Baghdad Hooters. Do you think Honcho’s channel will have a Hong Kong Phooey type cartoon character named after a prophet who, for the purposes of this comment shall remain nameless, or perhaps just go under a simple cognomen M? You are on top form with the dialogue in that little piece you wrote there Tommy. The Honcho and Jack are welcome here. They make me happy. Roll with it.

I am on a mission that will keep me otherwise occupied until a week from tomorrow. See you soon.

Keep her lit sir,

* friend and buddy
boogaloo dude said…
grey toothpaste. what will they think up next!?
VallyP said…
That, dear Paul, is really about a roving eye!
ginab said…
positively puzzeling.
MargieCM said…
Hi Paul, and once again apologies for the break in communications. I now feel your eye is judging me, as well it might.

As for the Shedfest, I'm thinking thematically, but it depends on the shed. If it's pleasantly situated, try House of the Rising Sun. If it needs a lick of paint to bring it up to scratch, perhaps Paint it Black, or White Room. Is the event all to be held inside, or will the audience spill out? (Within You Without You). Or,if it's truly a working building, how about Now I'm a Farmer?

Suddenly it doesn't seem such a bad thing that I've stayed away so long, does it?
ahvarahn said…
i'm busier than a busy person - nice to see you all.

boogaloo dude said…
does the fun ever stop? i'm busy staring at this eye.

you're a creative powerhouse. you must have some mighty muses.

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